Cool Drum Tracks



Article in Studio & Live magazine regarding a collaboration I did with the Peter Bennborn Project for the song "Never Turn Me Down".  


How does it work?

Ditch the canned drum machine parts and drum loops and have an online session drummer add life and personality to your songs.  Send me your song(s) in mp3, wav, etc. and any directions regarding style, fills, etc. I will then record your drum track and send you a low fidelity sample for your preview. If you are satisfied with the track, pay me $39.99 per track via my PayPal account and I will send you the high fidelity final drum track as separate tracks (e.g., hi-hat on one track, snare on another track, etc.) or as one mixed track.  Follow the 5 easy steps


Cool Drum Tracks are recorded by professional drummer Walter Kelleher. Walter has been performing and recording for over 30 years and has received training from Jackie Mills (John Coltrane, Miles Davis) and Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai). Walter has played on numerous recordings and has recorded for artists worldwide, including the United States, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Australia, and England. [more]


Cool Drum Tracks

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